GoodFatApp – Calorie Diet Counter & Food Tracker – Your Best Advisor!

GoodFatApp – Calorie Diet Counter & Food Tracker – Your Best Advisor!

The best free calorie counter & tracker, Diet tracker and Good fat foods tracker.

Are you concerned about your health and use a calorie tracker to help you stay in shape? Do you strive to eat healthy foods and count food calories every day? Good Fat App is a nutrition tracker that helps you balance your food intake across many food categories, including protein rich foods, fiber rich foods and good fat foods. This is not your typical diet tracker or calorie counter. We care more about your health and we want to cover all aspects of eating healthy in our app.
Balanced diet contains eating all food in food category in balance, including good fats in controlled servings. Many men strive to eat protein rich food and install protein tracker to track their protein intake. Women limit the amount of food calories they eat and make use of generic calorie counter app.
No one has made a nutrition tracker app to track good fat foods so we create one for you. Good Fat App tracks your fiber, protein, and good fats intake and remind you of the food in each categories so you can eat healthier and more balanced diet.
Good Fat App is a diet and food tracker is simple to use and will bring you many benefits. It reminds you which food belongs to which category, and how much servings of each food category you have eaten today. Good Fat App is very easy to use and is very user friendly.
How to use this nutrition tracker app to eat more healthy foods?
• Create a goal in Set Goals. You need to enter the amount of fiber rich food, protein rich foods, and good fat foods you plan to eat every day.
• There are two ways of find food using this diet and food tracker app. The first is to choose a food group: fiber, protein rich foods, or good fats, and use quick find or scroll down the list to find the food name. The other option is to use the search option and type down the food name directly.
• After you find it, enter the amount of servings you have eaten today and tap “Add” to record it.
• The circles on the homepage will change colors if you have reached your target food intake.
• We also display daily log with some bar graphs to give you an idea about your overall food intake.
• You can also delete Today’s Food from there. It’s possible if you have made mistake when entering the servings numbers or you just want to experiment to see how to achieve your goals. We allow you to clear the numbers and enter a new one. However, you cannot erase yesterday’s data.
• Don’t forget to also track your multivitamin intake.
==============# Good Fat App TOP features #==============
• This is not a mere food calories tracker app. Good Fat App is a balanced diet and food tracker that allows you to track your food consumptions in three important food categories.
• Awesome user interface and design.
• Easily find any food in each category or search using our Quick Find option.
• Set Goal easily. We personally set our goals to eat 5 servings of good fat foods, 5 servings of protein rich food, and 10 servings of fiber rich food. Your goals may vary according to your body’s needs and suggestions from your nutritionists.
• Daily Reminder function. If you enable the Notification option, you will receive notifications at 10 am, 2 pm, and 8 pm to enter the food you have eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus any snacks in between. You can set the notification on and off as you wish.
• Daily Summary notification. At 2 am each day you will get a reminder about your yesterday’s achievement. This is useful to motivate you to eat healthy foods and keep your goal for your own health during the day.
• 30 days of History. We track your data in the app for up to 30 days so you can see your progress.
Remember! Do not rely merely on calorie tracker app. You need a more holistic diet tracker to keep you healthy. As humans we need food in every food category. Good Fat App is a comprehensive nutrition and diet tracker that will track your food intake across three food categories because we believe in a more balanced diets for your overall health.

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