Gastritis Diet

Gastritis Diet

Gastritis is the inflammation of the stomach lining and impacts over 90 million people worldwide. The common symptoms are abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting and also bloating and heartburn. The most common cause is infection and the use of NSAIDs. Alcohol, smoking, cocaine, radiation therapy also contribute. Treatment includes antacids and H2 blockers and sometimes even proton pump inhibitors.  Drinking viscous lidocaine may help.

One of the excellent references on the subject is by Jamie Koufman called ‘Dropping acid reflux diet cookbook’. Some food and diet recommendations include;

  • Mastic gum helps against H. Pylori
  • Prelief removes acid in stomach but may cause constipation
  • Tums works for short periods like 1 hour or so but later produces more acid after it wears off
  • Manukka honey sometimes provides relief although the tea tree oil within is counter acidic
  • Aloe Vera is sometimes recommended but is in itself somewhat acidic
  • Ginger is also recommended your mileage might vary
  • Probiotics is not really designed for stomach acid but rather for digestion
  • Zantac works to remove acid from body but has some side effects (tiredness)
  • Slippery Elm and DGL Licorice has had some success with some patients providing a paint liner in the stomach lining
  • Pepzin also reduces inflammation and protects the stomach lining
  • Pepzin together with Cabbage Juice has had some positive reports


The key is for one month to take a low acidic diet plus a Dexilant to accelerate the acide break up. Dexilant will heal the stomach lining so be careful not to stop before the prescribed period.

The low acid diet recommendations can be found in Koufman’s book. You will need to test the recommendations of dairy products, Manukka Honey and Aloe Vera.
From the Good Fat App perspective all these items can be found in the Neutral section (except some dairy – where the recommendation is grass fed dairy products). So they have little impact on your overall servings of Good Fat, Protein and Fibers.

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