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Fat App has helped me to keep track of the fats, proteins and fiber that I eat everyday so that I can have a more balanced diet. SAHARA

I’m terrible at knowing how much fat, proteins, etc that I should be eating and Fat App makes it so much easier to know where I stand.SOPHIA

Amazing app that helps me to count my servings of food and be able to control them each day.TAMARA

Fat App is great because it helps me learn what foods I should eat and portion sizes, which is a big plus for managing my weight.TOUSHARD

This is a great and useful app to use to watch and maintain your weight. Has some helpful tracking sections in the app that really help me remember when to eat and a daily summary is great as well. This app is a keeper!! ERIC

At the start of 2016 I (as usual) thought about a new year’s resolution; I mean every other one I have made is more or less forgotten come March or April. But I felt there was an obvious choice. Over christmas season my son had introduced me to a no carbohydrates diet he had started – to good effect. I started doing some reading and then I saw an audio book on called Smart Fat. This was very appealing. I had tried various diets and they are all so…well painful. What with hunger pangs and constant nagging. Smart Fats takes another angle by saying that some of the fats we have eliminated (beef) is actually not that bad for you as long as you for example buy grass fed beef. After a while I became conscious of the antibiotics and other junk that lands in our food, and really began educating myself on this stuff. So I entered 2016 with a vow to cut out all carbs (ok cut out is harsh, but to drastically reduce to one or two beers per week; nothing else).

For years, experts have told us that eating fat is bad. But by banning fat from our diets, we’ve deprived ourselves of considerable health benefits – and have actually sabotaged our own efforts to lose weight. – Smart Fat

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